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'Embracing the Storm: A Personal Journey through Humanistic Counselling and Anxiety'

Storms Alway Pass


In the tapestry of human experience, anxiety is a thread that weaves its way into the fabric of our lives. For many, myself included, the quest for understanding and overcoming anxiety led me to the gentle and profound realms of humanistic counselling and psychotherapy. In this intimate reflection, we'll navigate the nuances of anxiety through the lens of personal growth, self-actualisation, and the transformative power of the therapeutic relationship.

The Heart of Humanistic Understanding:

Humanistic theories, with their foundational belief in the inherent goodness of individuals, provide a refreshing perspective on anxiety. Rather than seeing it as a flaw, humanistic approaches view anxiety as a messenger, signalling a misalignment between our current reality and our ideal selves. In my journey, this paradigm shift began a more compassionate exploration of my anxious tendencies.

Walking the Person-Centered Path:

In the comforting embrace of Person-Centered Therapy, I found solace in unconditional positive regard. It was a space where judgment had no place, and acceptance and understanding supported my anxiety. This therapeutic environment allowed me to peel back the layers of my experience, gently revealing the roots of my anxiety without fear of condemnation.

The Dance of Gestalt Therapy:

Gestalt Therapy, a dance of mind, body, and emotion, offered a unique choreography to navigate my anxiety. Through exercises like the "empty chair," I conversed with different facets of myself. This dialogue opened the door to a deeper understanding of my anxiety, bringing into focus the fragmented pieces of my experience and inviting them to join the symphony of my being.

Anchoring in the Present:

The essence of humanistic counselling lies in the beauty of the present moment. Grounding myself in the 'here and now,' I discovered the power of mindfulness in managing anxiety. By acknowledging and embracing my thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in real-time, I learned to navigate the storm of anxiety with a newfound resilience.

The Art of Connection:

The therapeutic relationship was at the heart of my healing journey—a sacred space of trust, authenticity, and active listening. My therapist became a guide, walking beside me as I unravelled the layers of my anxiety. I felt seen and heard through empathy and connection, fostering an environment where vulnerability could flourish.


The process of therapy can be complicated and challenging; at times, I wanted to give up. I often felt helpless, like there was no way out of difficult situations and feelings. But the more I engaged, the braver I became, the more I recognised and started challenging my thoughts, beliefs and ideas. By engaging in my journey of change and self-exploration, humanistic counselling was my guiding light through the shadows of anxiety. Through the lens of unconditional positive regard, Gestalt exploration, and a deep connection with the present, I discovered not only the roots of my anxiety but also the seeds of resilience within myself. The therapeutic relationship became a transformative vessel, navigating the storm and ultimately guiding me towards a place of self-discovery and empowerment; in the embrace of humanistic principles, anxiety transformed from an unseen adversary into a companion on my journey of personal growth.

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