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Pebble Beach

Where do I start?


Once you have contacted me, we will agree on a suitable time for a free initial 30-minute session, by phone or online, using the Zoom platform. It allows you to ask me questions and see how you feel, and gain insight into what brings you to therapy. If you wish to meet face to face for your initial 30-minute session, a charge of £25, payable in advance, will be required. 

How many sessions will I need, and how long are they?


Sessions last for 50-minutes, we will meet on the same day and at the same time each week. Therapy can be for a set duration of time or open-ended, depending upon your needs. I recommend that we start by agreeing to meet for 6-weeks before reviewing our work together. We will discuss this during our initial meeting. 

How much does it cost?


I charge £65 per session. We will agree on payment methods during our first meeting. 

Can I see you every two weeks instead of weekly?


I see my clients every week, excluding holidays, etc., which has the best results. I do not offer bi-weekly sessions at this time. 

Do you work with children or couples?


At the moment, I am only working with people who are aged 18 and above. I do not work with couples.

Is it confidential?

I offer you a safe, non-judgemental space where you can speak freely and confidentially. As a member of the UKCP, NCPS and BACP, I abide by their ethical frameworks and guidelines. 


Do you work online?

Yes, I have a lot of experience working online, and I generally use a conference call service called Zoom. It is free to use and easy to download to your computer or tablet device. Our sessions would work the same way as in-person and cost the same. 

Do I need counselling or psychotherapy?


Generally speaking, counselling tends to be short-term work, focussing upon a specific problem. Psychotherapy is usually longer-term work, where we may go into greater depth to explore relational patterns and emotions. I offer both of these options, and we will explore your needs during our initial sessions.

I'm embarrassed but want to talk about something.


Like any relationship, it can take time to build trust with a therapist. I invite you to share whatever you feel you need when you feel safe and ready to do so. If you are struggling, I welcome you telling me so that I can support you. 

What does therapy help with?

There are many reasons that people come to therapy. The BACP produce a comprehensive list that is bigger than the one I have listed on this site. More details can be found here, or feel free to contact me for further advice. 

Where do you work?

I work within a private practice in central Hove, East Sussex. We are located opposite the Post Office on Church Road above a pub called The Blind Busker. The discreet entrance is located on the right of the pub. Please be advised that we do not have wheelchair access or a lift, and there are stairs to the third floor. The practice is a beautiful quiet space, warm, welcoming and private.

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