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A little more about me...

My interest in therapy started in my early 30's with the sudden death of my best friend. Feeling bereft, I sought counselling which eventually led me to volunteer on a national telephone switchboard service based in London.

Working as a complementary therapist for two decades, specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork, deepened my awareness of the effects of emotional and psychological stress. I repeatedly witnessed how pain, anxiety, and trauma manifest within the body, often beyond understanding. Thus, I felt drawn to explore yoga, mindfulness meditation and therapy. I was fortunate to find a Core Process psychotherapist who worked closely with the body and early relational experiences. 

Our work together helped me to explore and understand my relationship with myself and others. In time, I started to notice how much happier and calmer I felt in everyday life. Things became more manageable, I felt less stress, and the quality of my relationships improved. Work felt more effortless, and I set boundaries around when and how I worked in ways I had struggled with before. I found myself free to enjoy taking time for myself. I had more energy and felt able to embrace life more than before. 

Guided by my innate sense of optimism and positivity and my love of working as a therapist, I recognised my calling towards humanistic philosophy. Thus, I began the long and life-changing journey to retrain in counselling and psychotherapy.

My approach to therapy

I work integratively as a humanistic relational therapist. We can all change and desire to be our true authentic selves. Focussing predominantly on Person-Centred and Gestalt approaches, my method is holistic, drawing upon various skills to support my clients in developing and building resources. Together, we work to explore what may be bothering them so they can evolve, grow and achieve lasting change. 


I work experientially, in an embodied informal and down to earth manner. The relationship is a collaboration, focussing upon the here-and-now experience, raising awareness and creating space for change. There may be humour and lightness or vulnerability and challenge as we explore who we are in relationship to ourselves, each other and the world. 


Having worked with people of all ages and walks of life, I have extensive experience. I have worked in private practice and mental health services, including a specialist service for the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, I have experience working in a ward with patients in an acute mental health hospital within the NHS.


There are many reasons people come for therapy. Some of the areas I have experience working with include; anxiety, depression, attachment and early relational trauma, feeling stuck, low self-esteem, addiction, sex and porn addiction, self-harm, relationship problems, stress, grief, gender identity and sexuality.


Whatever the reason you think you need help, I offer you a safe, supportive, compassionate, and non-judgemental space to explore.

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