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You have most likely arrived here wanting something to change. However, you may still need to learn what that is or how to get there and seek help figuring things out. 


We all have times when feelings, memories and experiences can feel hard to manage. They can make us anxious, depressed or low in mood and energy. It can feel challenging, wondering how we got to where we are and not knowing how to move forward. Sometimes, life events such as a bereavement, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or a sudden unexpected illness or injury can feel like a tremendous and unexpected blow. Past experiences and trauma can feel impossible or frightening to talk about, imagining that others may not understand. ​

Recognising that we need help can feel daunting, confusing or even hopeless, so I offer a safe and supportive environment for you to talk. I invite you to bring your feelings and experiences to explore in a non-judgemental, confidential and compassionate space where you are free to be your true self, and together, we can work things out. 

With several years of experience working in the therapeutic field, I undertook 5-years of rigorous training accredited by UKCP (U.K. Council for Psychotherapy) at the Metanoia Institute in London. Upon graduation, I received an MSc in Humanistic Psychotherapy awarded by Middlesex University. I am an Accredited Professional Member of NCPS (The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society) and a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and  abide by their ethical framework and guidelines.


It is essential to find the right therapist. That is why I offer a free initial 30-minute consultation. Following this, I provide short-term and open-ended weekly therapy either at my office in Hove or remotely online using Zoom.


Therapy can help with many difficult life problems, including;


There are times when we all experience anxiety. Maybe it is before a job interview, before travelling or an exam. Feelings may include a general sense of unease, worry, panic or fear. For some, sensations will be fleeting and mild, but they may be prolonged and intense for others, like a persistent nagging feeling of dread. 


Loss & Bereavement

Loss can bring up a range of difficult emotions that can be hard to manage, ranging from anger, sadness, loneliness, shock, guilt, and grief. Grief is an experience that touches us all at different times in our lives.


Feelings of sadness, unhappiness or being generally fed up are all valid reasons for coming to therapy. But depression is more than feeling this way. Depression is an illness that often lasts for weeks, months or longer and can feel devastating.


Highly stressful situations that shatter your sense of security and make you feel helpless and unprotected in a hazardous environment can cause emotional and psychological trauma. A single traumatic event, such as a car accident, a natural disaster, or a violent attack, can induce trauma.


Relationships may feel rewarding and joyous, or challenging. Therapy supports us in an exploration of who we are, examining patterns of behaviour. The therapeutic relationship creates the opportunity for a new experience where we can grow and evolve.


Living with low self-esteem can feel shaming and painful. It can be an isolating experience where we can feel alone and cut off from the world. If you have poor self-esteem, you may have a pessimistic attitude toward life, making it appear hopeless or pointless.  

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